Charades is a young Dutch threesome translating their most introspective thoughts into alternative dreamy music with a grungy emo twist. Bittersweet sounds combined with their apparent frustration results in dynamic and energetic rockshows.

After forming in the summer of 2015 and slowly finding their musical identity the band released their debut EP ‘Grey Pillar Sky‘ in 2017. ‘Grey Pillar Sky‘ mastered by Jesse Cannon (Basement, Brand New, Dillinger Escape Plan, Misfits) got the band a deal with Dutch record label White Russian Records (Call It Off, Video Store, Travoltas). The first responses to the new band’s material have been nothing but amazing – with attention coming from magazines from all over the world. After their debut the band played venues like Paradiso, Q-Factory and appeared in three showcases around Eurosonic Noorderslag. Charades has been working together with people such as Sjoerd van der Knoop (Face Tomorrow) and Carsten Brunsveld (John Coffey).

With their latest singles ‘Spin Around and ‘Swoon‘, Charades shows their full potential in writing dynamic songs splitting the sea for their upcoming EP in 2019.